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October 30, 2011 - 10:05 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Tat boy

    Fuck !!! What a juicy head !!!

  • Kee

    I would like to take orders from you sir.

  • Anonymous

    This soldier boy looks like Chris Evans from Captain America.

  • Charlie Trainer

    come to Los Angeles & let me suck that hot dick!

  • London

    Smokin&apos Hot - DAMN!!!!

  • J

    Cute. Hot bod. HOT bush. HOT cock. HOt head. I&aposd do anything n everything u want

  • InShockandAwe

    the hell with the feet ..... fuck my ass now

  • Mic

    Nice, but dont care for the flat feet.

  • Anonymous


  • adrian

    flat feet

  • JC

    awesome!!! nice big ole thick cock too

  • Paul

    Holy Shit. You could really do damage with that thing. The whole package actually. I can hear hearts breaking in the UK....

  • DoMeDude

    Truly a perfect man...

  • JCB

    I think you&aposre the winner tonight! Just perfect from head to head to toes!

  • 10!!!

  • Chp

    Milk has done your body good! If only you were in TX...

  • R

    FLAME ON! (Fantastic 4 joke)

  • Shawn

    I&aposve seen this guy in a porn before, he&aposs a bottom.

  • gary

    O M G. and all the things everyone else has written. O M G.

  • Perfection! See guys, REAL men have hair on their equipment.

  • Kenzilla777

    Pretty eyes nice body and a fat cock I want some hmu

  • canes11

    flat feet

  • Thanks for helping me with my afternoon cum blast. Wow, you are so gorgeous! Now, to clean up the mess.


    quite perfect...

  • pr guy

    Nice blue eyes!

  • Sal

    Damn bend me over and fuck me! I got pics if you want to trade with me:)

  • Anonymous

    nice cock and good looking dude

  • Ethan

    I&aposd go anywhere to blo you

  • Sal

    Hot, but I can&apost see your junk cause you&aposre holding that beer can in front of it.

  • Bobby

    That has to be one of the best cocks and best bush I have seen in ages. Just fuck-me perfection.

  • Anonymous

    Dude, you are gorgeous. Perfectly thick penis.

  • Bobby

    DAMN!!! Just shoot that thing into my mouth! Damn, I&aposd love to swallow your cum straight out of the barrel. Wouldn&apost mind jacking it too if you prefer, just as long as I could lick it off your abs afterwards. Fuckin&apos hot, dude! Fuckin&apos hot!

  • doni

    Dayum that&aposs a hawt man with a most beaTful cock & hangers, yum!

  • Anonymous

    DAMN soldier! DROP that WEAPON. of. mass. destruction. I&aposll take it from here.

  • YY

    Nice! Do you know the other guys who posetd before you? Looks like a Unit activity or something :-) A very enjoyable unit activity.

  • ed

    mouth wateringgggggggggggg

  • Anonymous

    dude I am in San Francisco, do you live in the city? Fucking hot guy. Would love to meet you, let me know :)

  • ff

    Damn! Dream man material. Masculine handsome face, great body, thick penis. Yoy are perfect. than k you for sharing! I hope you post more.

  • tim


  • soccerplayer4u

    Feed it to me, fucking hot man. I&aposd be on my knees in front of you in a flash.

  • primebeff

    Damn id suck u off in a heart beat handsome..

  • IanUK

    Absolutely amazing!! Sexy bod and nice cock fella! ;o)

  • bmen

    wooww hot man

  • art

    wow. i was raised an army brat. let me be of assistance, please! : )

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