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Michael Muhney - Halloween

October 31, 2011 - 10:00 PM
Michael Muhney - Halloween on Guys with iPhones
  • Guest

    Now, let's go scare Ashley and make her fall down the stairs and miscarry!!! Hate that bitch anyway!!! 

  • Tony

    Could use an updated pic!

  • Vnwmn

    Omg, that is Sabrina&aposs dress, that is the dress you had on scaring Ashley. Hell naw

  • JC

    I just know you have an awesome sense of humor!!!!


    before i saw the other posts, i knew that was sabrina&aposs dress!!! how cool!!! by the way, i miss sabrina. i also miss jana!!!

  • Guest

    I miss Jana also. :( And Colleen.

  • Chris

    Ha ha, that&aposs the dress Sabrina died in. Ur wicked funny, Michael!

  • m

    isn&apost that sabrina&aposs dress that he wrote when making ashley go crazy?

  • Jayde

    Jamie wants her dress back

  • anonymoose

    That looks like something a Jedi would wear to a ball

  • Christopher

    You peeps got to get with it that was Sabrina&aposs dress that he wore when he was driving Ashley crazy!!! Still looking great Michael!!

  • This guy would look gorgeous no matter what he might wear. (The less, the better, of course.)

  • If Victor UR daddy find out U got on Nickki Dress he&aposs going to bet Ur ass.

  • dee

    You know you don&apost look half bad in that. Just need some hoop earrings and you could totally pull it off. Circa 1977

  • jaycee

    beauty is where u find it

  • JimD

    You are WAY to hot to be wearing a dress

  • soccerplayer4u

    Oh Shit Michael!!! I just realized that you stole this dress from Phyllis.. Oh she&aposs gonna be pissed, lol...It looks better on you...

  • soccerplayer4u

    I love you Michael... This pic is hysterical...great costume...

  • I would like to blow up!

  • JimD

    You are WAY to hot to be wearing a dress

  • Joseph

    You look lovely. :)

  • Dusty Rhodes

    Love it. Thanks for posting and for all your great work. And for putting up with morrow.

  • fail

    not your color, makes you look washed out.

  • will

    you know, that color is not bad on you...

  • mred129

    Ur outfit looks tailor made....that&aposs scary in itself!! :) PS: hopin u didn&apost clip any of that hot fuzz u have showin&apos!

  • ronen

    very form-fitting! turn around so we can see how it drapes over your sweet ass!

  • 2Exotic

    hey mummy dearest....can i be underneath that dress please...:) hehehe U R HOT!

  • primebeff

    Michael love the dress. Do u have a thong on to, love to see?

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