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November 12, 2011 - 02:00 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • Facebook: Cleiton Fujimura

    No matter what the haters say...accross GWIP i&aposve found great friends around the world and it&aposs the great reason I keep them! D.A. and Jacen, find me on Facebook!

  • jacen

    to all the haters...until you put your fat ugly asses on here SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!

  • Anonymous

    You should probably tone that nasty ass piss yellow hair of yours.

  • SurfQuest

    @OU812; be nice! i know lots of guys who camp out in the men&aposs room. granted most of them are the sleazy types :-/

  • OU812

    You just look like you&aposd stink. Do you sleep in public restrooms or something?

  • D.A.

    Mr C!! Again you are as sexy and cute as ever!! Thanks for visiting us again!! You&aposve been missed!!!

  • jon

    Smoldering? Even though I prefer your smile...this picture is great :) Be sure to show your naughty side to us again soon. ;)

  • DrBrodski

    Sexy Cleiton is back! It&aposs good to see you again.

  • pd

    Dude quit teasing and show that beautiful cock. you know u wanna and u know we want to see it

  • Eric

    You gotta know.... your dick is better than your face.

  • Andy in Dayton

    That reminds me.....I could really go for a vanilla McFlurry right now. :)

  • You&aposre looking better than ever.

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