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November 30, 2011 - 12:30 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • PS

    Nice indeed! I&aposm sure he&aposd like to be sucked . Can&apost help bud think his in his family home and his married

  • cbl2004

    Mmmmm...guess what&aposs I&aposm having for breadkfast.

  • Max

    Wow! You seem amazing! Lets chat!

  • JC

    yummm!!! i would love to have you cross my path!!!

  • J

    Your kitchen? I love kitchen sex

  • DK

    Wow, just Beautiful, awesome dick.

  • JCF

    Yum! Perfect cock and balls on a nice lean guy! I know who I want to see next time I am at the beach!

  • niceguy

    Nice piece of meat!

  • Todd

    that&aposs one of the prettier cocks i&aposve seen in a long time! nice and suckable!

  • Anthony C. Bowman

    want to show me more alone? contact me!

  • Exquisite. In my humble opinion, this is an ideal cock. Simply beautiful. Now, let&aposs get it on.

  • Eric

    That would be so much fun to suck on.

  • ff

    Now, that is NICE!

  • Hugo

    I want to see that cock pissing.

  • Bobby

    Oh that&aposs a cock I could spend hours sucking on. Beautiful gonads man.

  • Jerry

    I&aposve never seen that "look" in GQ. I like it!

  • Two Tone Dick Lover

    beautiful. love the light head and darker shaft ! it would look even better with some sperm on that head !

  • art

    as they say, that&aposs a perfect cock. love to think of it just hanging in your pants.

  • ed

    Yes time for a

  • Anonymous

    Lets get a pic of that gorgeous dick hard

  • Anonymous

    This is how all guys should dress. Great picture.

  • Anonymous

    love downward curved cocks...and that&aposs a huge pretty one .. slurp :-P

  • billy b

    thats just perfect

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