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November 30, 2011 - 02:30 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Jc

    Fuck the shit out of me gorgeous!!!

  • Anthony C. Bowman

    Damn man! how do you get so ripped? contact me!

  • JP

    You are back at last. Keep posting, hot guy.

  • ZW

    That&aposs why life made man first... Men are so beautiful!!!

  • Eres un macho de siete suelas. Te la mamaria hasta dejarte seco.

  • Omg! my manpussy is watering!!!

  • Fucking holly dick of dicks!!! All 3 post are out of this world. I want to suck you for EVER!!!!

  • Speechless!

  • A Roman warrior in our days. You are unique daddy!

  • I want to have all your kids... Let&aposs start practicing!

  • Do me what ever you want to do but do it now!!

  • Bobby

    @Dreaming of You - FUCK!! Thank you for the two links, especially the first one! Fuck, that&aposs a beautiful uncut cock. Damn, I&aposd give anything to suck this dude off now!

  • JCF

    You are an incredibly sexy man!

  • Paolo

    Well hello Superman.

  • niceguy

    Awesome body

  • Very damn fucking hot hot hot and I&aposm your man if u wanna get married

  • Look who is here! Better than ever! Welcome back, papi rico!

  • Jerry

    husband material! i&aposm available, let&aposs get married.

  • Eric

    You look like that guy from "Lost" Hmmm can&apost think of his name. So hot! Keep posting :)

  • bmen

    which airline ?? I come and fly with U!

  • Jim

    damn u are fucking gorgeous. ur body is incredible, i would love to lick every inch of ur hot chest and suck on ur nipples for hours. i really hope u will post more pics, u are so damn sexy

  • Bobby

    outrageously handsome face too

  • Bobby

    FUCK ME!!!! Then fuck me again! Damn, that&aposs an incredible body dude! Please repost with your cock and balls on display. I already know I want to suck them, I&aposd just like to see what I&aposm fantasizing about right now.

  • AndreasOslo

    What.....a tease.....nice.

  • john in ATL

    You are not from this planet!!! Unreal!!

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