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November 30, 2011 - 04:30 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Leest

    Post an aftermath shot! You&aposre too cute.. not to have a smile on your mugg.

    Calendula+Arnica+Aloe Vera+a lil&apos Cocoa Butter- clean area, then gingerly smooth on. If you have the money> suck down 10 grams of amino acid GLUTAMINE.. and/or some Omega 7 EFA&aposs. You&aposll heal up- quick!

  • spare.robot

    I got something I could squirt on your face. May or may not help, but lets try

  • Tony

    Let me squirt some soothing lotion all over you.

  • BiGuy

    Never wear a tank top on a hot sunny day.
    It&aposs happened to all of us.

  • Xtian

    Too cute - hope it fades soon! LOL

  • niceguy

    Hot dude, even with the funny suntan ;-)

  • Otter Knows

    aww poor thing, * cuts aloe vera for you*

  • btseven

    That first shower with a sunburn is the worst....

  • Sal

    I have to admit, I don&apost know whether to feel sorry for you or laugh. Hope it doesn&apost smart for long, dude.

  • That&aposll teach you. All us whiteys need sun screen. Gawd, it looks gruesome.

  • allan

    He&aposs ever so cute in person. With just a hint of goofy and a HUGE dose of fuckable.

  • Bobby

    Son, that was the wrong time to take a nap. Ouch.

  • Jerry

    what kind of freaky ass bathing suit do you wear?

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