Guys With iPhones

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November 30, 2011 - 05:05 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Jim

    I love the nudes, but not nude is OK too. I love you for your mind. ;-)

  • jeff

    yeah baby! this man is gorgeous

  • YY

    I want to see another shot of your cock pulling out of an ass that&aposs leaking your jizz.

  • Qis

    Yeah. It&aposs time for a cock close-up. C&aposmon, baby. Let&aposs see it.

  • Otter Knows

    omg...yes...take it * screams*

    i mean yes we seen you getting action butt naked, but we want to see it...^^ so soon -

  • Very hot and so damn fucking sexy

  • Jim

    dude i want u to fuck me so bad, i wanna taste ur creamy cum in my mouth

  • Anonymous

    Where&aposs ur boy toy

  • Bobby

    Dude, you know what we&aposve come to expect from you. If you&aposre not going to show us your cock stuck inside some boy from either end, then at least show us your cock squirting onto the mirror. You know we want it.

  • Jerry

    I like it all...except the clothing. be naked, be free

  • primebeff

    Handsome Id love to find out what ur name is big time..

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