Guys With iPhones

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November 30, 2011 - 06:05 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Armando

    smokin hot

  • EmpTX

    Have to agree...very hansome and husband material. Love the tatts, hair the whole package. very nice

  • jc

    Seriously be still my beating heart. You sir are just classic handsome. You don&apost need to show skin to prove that, that&aposs for sure.

  • Bobby

    BTW hottie in the pic - I especailly love your beard and eyebrows. They just turn me on A LOT. You&aposve got a seriously handsome face.

  • Bobby

    @urftrx - hey, I could go for that.

  • urftrx

    or snowballed by...

  • S&S

    Wayy cute.

  • Bobby

    boyfriend material - the kind you sneak away with for the weekend to a cabin in the mountains, and then get snowed in

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