Guys With iPhones

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November 30, 2011 - 10:30 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • niceguy

    So very hot dude!

  • Mitch

    You&aposre awesome! Thanks for posting again :D

  • Beautiful the way you are, its yous shave it if you like it that way. I think you are PERFECT the way you are. Olivia(natural shemale)

  • marc

    you are fuckin&apos hot. i love the cock tease. looks nice and fat.

  • YY

    Gorgeous smooth body. How &aposbout a cumshot?

  • Obi C&aposmon Bone Me

    Nice man pipe!

  • Xavi

    very nice!

  • Kenzilla777

    U r so fucking hot I want more of that cock hmu

  • Brock

    How about cleaning up that pig sty and then (and ONLY then) take some decent pics. Slob!

  • Ismael

    beautiful guy,but why do you shave all the hair?

  • Derricke

    It wants out dude......

  • Rob_in_Hawaii

    Very cute face. Some friendly advice, go to the gym and pick up your room. You will get laid even if you don&apost, but you will be pleased with the results if you do.

  • Vi

    This shows promise. ... Keep going, baby

  • Bobby

    Hey cutie, you&aposre back! Love you tall skinny boys. And thanks for giving us at least a peek at that donkey dong of yours. It&aposs beautiful, like the rest of you.

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