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Michael Muhney

December 11, 2011 - 09:30 PM
Michael Muhney on Guys with iPhones
  • Said and Done

    Adam It&aposs time you tell all that you are Bisexual

  • Jock

    Hi Mike or Adam
    Love to have a date with you and see if you live up to your commitment as being Hot sexy guy . Man 2 Man love to go sixty nine for starters

  • momo

    Love you Michael!

  • steven

    Okay, somebody&aposs got to say it. Michael Muhney is coming out of the closet. He posted so many times here (once in a dress). He&aposs a regular to the website. Why isn&apost it all over the boards. Y&R soapstar Michael Muhney is gay!

  • Anonymous

    Oh come on he&aposs not that good looking!?

  • calen

    Awesome, show us you cock, go on!

  • Jono

    Cool to see you here again on GWiP Michael, keep on posting :D

  • Breon

    I heard you were doing the guy on YnR that played the chipmunk...he is a cutie.

  • Archie

    Michael your a total sex pot!

  • JJ

    You&aposre gorgeous Michael and I love it everytime you post here... THANKS!

  • EmpTX

    I just want to say thank you. You have posted some rather sexy pics. You don&apost have to show anything more. Keep them guessing. I love that fact you are a tease. and you are a handsome man. makes me want to watch ynr again.

  • Breon

    Yes Andy I did...and?....still tired of celebs who so want to show dick but don&apost. But love those like Jamie Fox who have the balls to..or should I say the dick

  • Ace

    Whoa the celebs are out in force this week on GWiP! Rockin!

  • A3

    Great to see you again Michael :) love it when you post :)

  • Gerry

    Michael you are beyond gorgeous with lips, nips, ass, and eyes to die for. I drool over you and your perfect body daily on my big screen. Miss the days when Adam and Rafe Torres were exploring each other (you were a natural) and both so hot in those scenes :) Hoping you and Sharon hook back up again soon so we can again see that hot body of yours sans clothes (like back when you were on your honeymoon and in nothing but your underwear). Even better would be an illicit affair with Ronin who is almost as gorgeous as you :) A shirtless pic of you here would be a great Christmas present to us GWIP fans so those that don&apost see you on the big screen can appreciate that body your hiding under your clothes. You make my 8===D stand at attention and drool :)))

  • Andy in Dayton

    @Breon - did you post during happy hour? :)

  • johnny in laguna

    Wow michael your every on this so whats up with that ?

  • Ronen

    C&aposmon Micheal, post a picture of your sweet ass in underarmor compression shorts...please!!! Consider it an Xmas gift to your fans. :p
    Oh, and I hope Adam kicks Nick&aposs ass at Newman.

  • Murray

    Very handsome man!

  • Breon

    Hey Adam from YnR.. No one go go way now...or show dick..o ya you can&apost cus your a get me out of here I&aposm a celebrity..

  • TL

    Are you holding your breath?

  • scotty

    Dear God man, you are amazingly HOT!

  • BJT

    Hey Michael Muhney hows it going? Looking cute as always. Drop ur pants next time.

  • AndreasOslo

    Welcome back Michael, let&aposs see more of you are way too covered

  • Brennan

    I&aposll do anything you want!

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