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December 19, 2011 - 01:30 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Brad

    Way too long since you posted a photo. We really NEED to see you in one of those 'sock only' type photos everyone is doing.

  • Mrdonart


  • Awesome basket!

  • TE

    So incredibly hot! Starting with the retro glasses with a very real, strong prescription, the handsome face, the sexy beard, the perfectly hairy chest and stomach, the tats, the earrings, and back to those sexy nerd glasses.... yum yum yum. Fuck yeah!!!

  • b.heath

    you have a seriously fuckin awesome to see your cock!! you look identical to a hunk in Halifax,Nova Scotia,Canada...ive always had a crush on you if it is....

  • Lane

    Love absolutely EVERYTHING about you

  • ded

    i died. in a good way.

  • jcl

    haha never i have i been turned on and turned off and turned on and turned off before from scrolling top to bottom

  • M. Kucera

    dude, you a KNOCKOUT...even those pink pants make me nervous...

  • bottomboy

    sexy body :3

  • K

    smokin hot! from the handsome face to the amazing body to the light touch of fur all over his forearms, chest down to his navel. fuck yeah!

  • m


  • Dane

    Damn man your so fucken hot!!

  • Kevin

    This guy is smokin

  • DarkSuave

    Don&apost ever shave that beard; love the glasses. Positive: You&aposve got a geek chic that&aposs irresistible.

  • sillyboymccoy

    . . . wish me dick was skinny. . . then i&aposd fuck your earlobes

  • EmpTX

    Can you be my xmas present. holy cow. the ink, the hair, the body, total package. hello i have been nice this year hopefully santa will bring him.

  • roberto

    hate the ear things.

  • Superman

    Absolutely positively fucking gorgeous .

  • Breon

    I wish men would stop it with streaching the ear will so regret it later in life..and let&aposs face it we ALL get older.

  • Nova

    Fracking hot. He looks like RJ Danvers.

  • Lurker


  • jis

    Your hot even you wear these ear-rings

  • Bobby

    Oh yeah, and I like the beard and the fuzz. And those thighs are perfect for squeezing my face while you fuck my mouth and cum on my tonsils.

  • Ray

    A dizzying array of style choices!

  • yeahthat&apossright

    I agree with gabo!

  • Ash

    Fuck this is sexy.. Love yer look man.. The tats the glasses the underwear.. God damn i said god damn.. :)

  • frank

    Pure sex!

  • gabo

    HOLY SH... I almost die when the page loaded and this specimen go out... every centimeter of his body looks perfect! :-O

  • Anonymous

    Very hot!

  • Paul

    Men with glasses ... are so sexy ... even the briefs are sexy ... even the ink is sexy .,. the whole guy is so sexy ... wanna put off his briefs ... wanna see his sexy butt ... This guy is one of the sexiest guys here ... Wow ... amazing!

  • Bobby

    Not one of my usual types, but you are sooo fucking turning me on in so many ways its unbelievable. Damn I want to suck you and I don&apost even know why yet!

  • Steve

    Love that stomach and thighs !!

  • Lostking

    Woof!!!! Stunning

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