Guys With iPhones

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December 31, 2011 - 02:00 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • Mi

    That&aposs HOT....The Rose should be BLACK!!!!

  • SF-D

    M, (ffmomm) thx for the info, and sharing the series... wish I could see them all together. You are hella sexy... D

  • Bobby

    @ffmomm - hey, thanks for connecting the dots for us to that other series. Didn&apost realize that was you. All great pics dude, and yes, this was fun. Now get busy with your next series.

  • Anonymous

    I love the PA. They are so fun to play with.

  • ffmomm

    Well, guys, the airline is the biggest german one (as I'm afraid i must not do any covert advertising on GwiP) and the pic was taken on my way back from After landing back home I still had a last picture taken in the airlines beautiful special terminal where I could still take a shower. Its just the next pic of today next to that one.
    Guys, I hope, you had at least half as much fun as I had taking and sending the pics and thank you for your mostly nice and/or funny comments. Have a wonderful and happy new year. xxx, M.

  • JC


  • Paul

    Wanna see more of that ... pls.

  • SF-D

    AWESOME ..... luv a hot boy showing his PA!!
    What airline is that....?

  • Horny 24/7

    Great close-up of your cock! And thanks for pulling the skin back just far enough to appreciate that amazing pink head!

  • Chaz R.

    So is this how you spend your time on a long flight? Is there room for 2 of us in there?

  • Bobby

    Oh fuck, I want to suck that and wake it up! Love the PA and the foreskin.

  • Paul

    Wow ... a PA is so sexy... wanna see more pics ...

  • e39 Luva

    hello prince! i&aposve missed you!

  • madmax

    And you got thru those TSA metal detectors!

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