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Josef Gamper

December 31, 2011 - 06:30 AM
Josef Gamper on Guys with iPhones
  • RedSoloCup

    damn.  too many jealous guys on here.  very cute. love the hair.

  • Slick

    Super sexy guy, a walking wet dream. :)

  • tc

    Who is this guy? Actor?

  • Dave

    Such a cutie! Great hair too! Don&apost listen to anyone who tells you otherwise. Would love to see more citrus, maybe a shirtless one too if possible.

  • Adam

    *sigh* Refreshing. Thank you.

  • Mike

    Oh come on Marco, that&aposs what all the cute 18 year old straight boys-next door who wanna suck a cock or two, look like these days.

    I like the hair, gives me something to hold on to when shoving my cock down his throat!

    Would love to see more than just a face close up, stud! Give us more!

  • Anonymous

    Please, please take off your shirt Cutie!

  • TyInTenn


  • enrigayboy

    Just a pretty face.

  • silver

    show us more cutie!

  • will

    2 qt

  • Marco P.

    Don&apost ya think that when you can&apost see through that mop on your head, that its time to get a decent haircut???

  • Anonymous

    A definite cutie. Please post a shirtless picture too.

  • a

    Wow, very cute! I really like your hair.

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