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December 31, 2011 - 09:30 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • niceguy

    Man, you look hot!

  • Horny 24/7

    I&aposve been told I have great clairvoyant abilities. I can see your cock in my mind! It&aposs big & fleshy & uncut. And dangling from it are beautiful egg-sized balls encased in a low hung nut sac! Am I right?

  • Dano

    I just want to be in between those legs, choking down on your cock, worshipping every inch of your damn sexy body. You are perfect.

  • matt finish

    dude, you got a weed sproutin&apos out the top of your head

  • How come you never go there?

  • texasjeepdude

    That is a super sexy and very inviting photo. It would take a strong man to say no to that!

  • InShockandAwe

    ...... if I can&apost have you I don&apost want nobody baby

  • Hhawaiian

    I say, YES!

  • Zeigen

    Slip that fat cock out!

  • primebeff

    Handsome can I get on my knees and suck u off please?

  • Chaz R.

    Great view from where I&aposm sitting! Love the big beefy thighs! My tongue would like to start there and find it&aposs way right into those white boxers!

  • Evan

    Dam your a hottie , let me take your shorts off (:

  • billy b

    such a damn tease!!!!!!

  • art

    looks like a nice, relaxing morning. wish I was there.

  • Dave R

    mmm fucking gorgeous ... would love to slide my hands up those shorts :P

  • KC

    Sexy. Love this pose. I wish more would give us a view from this angle... next time, stick the head out the leg of the shorts... :)

  • Bobby

    Oh FUCK YES!! Dude, that&aposs HOT!! Love a man in that pose, especially when he&aposs got a bod worth watching while I suck him off and he cums in my mouth. Damn, wish you were here or I was there right now! Just fuckin&apos gorgeous!

  • DK

    This is a HOT photo, sexy and ready to please.

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