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December 31, 2011 - 01:00 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Latinoyguapo2011

    ur body is amayzing... would luv to touch it all over...

  • S


  • Scoot

    Ditch the glasses, they make you look like an idiot. Otherwise, you are a hot guy.

  • rhettye

    i just cant resist a hot hunk with cute glasses.

  • Chad

    Terry, keep your opinions to yourself. The guy is smoking hot exactly the way he is dude

  • K

    you&aposre so sexy! and i&aposm going crazy over your chest hair, lol

  • Ededyeddy

    wow youre perfection i love all ur posts! thank u and Happy New Year!

  • Paul

    Wow ... back again ... thx,

  • AndreasOslo

    You wear those lululemons very well

  • chaetophilec

    Oh you look like a lot of fun.

  • flipper1

    lululemon briefs

  • Dave

    I love this MAN

  • Tom

    @Jon - the briefs are by yoga clothing brand lululemon

  • paradigmq

    hell yeah

  • TE

    Glenn your&apose so fucking hot...ignore Terry. The glasses propel you into incredible hotness and adorkablenesss.... and I wanna chew on those nips too :-p

  • mmo

    anyone have links to other photos of him?

  • Glenny

    Haha the stash was for Movember

  • jon

    hey, anyone know what brand those boxerbriefs are?

  • g

    You look amazing. Good for you for not being carbon copy/clone.

  • luvtosuck

    Finally! I&aposve been wondering who my future husband was! Nice to meet you, baby! :)

  • EmpTX

    yeah, he is back. now i can have a great new year. thank you handsome

  • Tom

    @Sal - add yoga briefs to the list ... Though he wears them well :)

  • flipper1

    where do i begin???...... here&aposs a start PERFECT!!!

  • steven stu

    @Terry LOL dude...those ear things are for a better grip with your fingers. At least that&aposs how I&aposd use them. Cheers.

  • Ne

    Damn sexy!

  • Terry

    Dude, get contacts and take the african tribal garb out of your ears, and you&aposd be pretty damn hot....

  • Sal

    Too much of a clash of styles? Nerd glasses, rockin gauges, jock bod, hipster &aposstache, queerish tatt--my head spins!

  • Bobby

    You&aposre back! You&aposve got more stuff going on than I can keep up with, and that&aposs a good thing! Like last time, I still think those thighs would look great squeezing my face while you cum on my tonsils.

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