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December 31, 2011 - 04:05 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • niu

    I love your body, but the tattoos.... epic fail!

  • South

    Hot! Loved your tattoos!

  • enrigayboy

    I think he&aposs hot.

  • niceguy

    Fuck, you look good dude!

  • Rick

    I love these guys who tell how hot you are despite your tats! You&aposre got with them or without? Hot hot hot!

  • MC

    Wow! I bet you are so hot in bed! I would love to taste your bulge while your wearing those Hanes! Just so hot!

  • Jay

    Can&apost understand why such a gorgeous guy covers up a beautiful body with tattoos...damn

  • B

    Fantastic, except for that chest tattoo. I mean either bat wings, or flames, or a skull would be OK. But all three together are overkill and look like some ironic hyperbole, which rarely looks good on skin.

  • Slick

    Hot body, cool ink and love the undies..would you send them to me? :) mxslick @hotmail

  • KC

    Can I swallow your babies?

  • Dalboi4life

    Awesome tats. Very sexy.

  • Robert

    another hot guy ruined with bad ink

  • Radiant

    I am so glad I can&apost afford a tattoo.

  • kenny

    so hot. and i usually like tattoos, but i&aposm just not sure that one was such a great idea. wouldn&apost kick you outta bed for it though

  • Doodle Pooks

    I&aposd he&aposs the gateway to hell, I&aposm in!!!

  • Doodle Pooks

    ...he looks like he&aposd be the sheets! ;)

  • Doodle Pooks

    A bit intense ink! But otherwise quite handsome! Yes! QUITE!

  • Nick


  • D. A.

    I&aposd hit that!!

  • art

    well, you quite appeal to me, lol.

  • Perry

    The tats may be horrible, but you are VERY cute!

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