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December 31, 2011 - 06:00 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Matt

    Hot legs!  Next time would love to see the rear view.

  • Brad

    Please post more.  We need to see more of you.  Maybe with pubic hair showing???

  • Singinsoccer

    Great legs.

  • Warlock4post

    PLEASE post more.  You are incredibly hot.  Would love to see you tease with pubes!  Please, post again!!!

  • Redheadbmxer

    no way i know this dude!

  • S

    Mmmm... another winning pic from the most perfect man on here!

  • Mike

    I want to make those nipples sore!

  • Ollie

    Hot hot HOT! Damn, sexy big daddy is back!

  • likebeef

    Great smile, love the beard and those incredible legs. But that Hairy Chest is driving me crazy.
    You&aposre spectacular. Post every day.

  • gabo

    This beauty again! Oh yes!!!

  • rgncajun

    Damn hot. Maybe turn around for us next time!

  • K

    just promise not to shave your body!

  • bottomboy

    what a man!!! So hot ;0)

  • Paul

    Go on posting .... you look so great in that AussieBums ... more of that ...

  • AndreasOslo

    You also wear those aussiebums very well

  • JD

    God, something about you is so fucking sexy. I&aposd love to suck your juicy cock and swallow that sweet load.

  • Kevin

    You&aposre are one sexy man I tell ya. Thanks again for posting.

  • TE

    Loved you in your thick glasses but you look great with contacts too.... and those gorgeous blue eyes! Just perfection

  • Jim

    fuck me now, damn u are hot

  • Derricke

    Fuk yah...I&aposll have two helpings of that please...I like older guyyz

  • Mark

    Wow.. By far the most handsome guy posting on here. Bar-None!

  • EmpTX

    Ahh you trimed the stach? why. please don&apost let these guys get to you. you are so sexy please no more trimming grow it back. thanks

  • EmpTX

    Geez, another sexy pic. you are sure making this new year great. personally i love the glasses but either way you have the sexiest blue eyes. thank you again handsome

  • Eric

    Ditch those ear things and you&aposd look better.

  • Bobby

    Dude, I&aposm still lovin&apos your body, but that smile is killing me! Damn, you just get hotter and hotter! The AussieBums just make me more convinced that I want you cumming in my mouth. Fuck, you&aposre hot!

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