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December 31, 2011 - 08:00 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Kev

    Oh Hell Yeah! Thanks for the New Year treat Cleiton! :)

  • skar

    Cleiton! You keep posting like this and there will be a rush of new visitors to Japan looking for you!

  • John

    What do you guys get out of saying mean fucked up shit? If you don&apost like what you see then move on! Keep in mind these are people that post and read what bitchy shit you say! Think before you post! Btw you are hot and SEXY boy! Fuck these dumb ass sad bitches!

  • biguy

    love it Cleiton! keep &aposem cumming.

  • D. A.

    Happy New Year Mr.C!!!!! You know I love you no matter what HATERS SAY!!! (Your still the hottest boy on here!!!)

  • Drewcifer

    This boy has an amazing dick

  • Xavier

    The people who hate on this guy - you still click the thumbnail and come through to comment. Why do you care so much?

  • e39 Luva

    oh my...looking hotter and hotter by the posting!

  • Davey Wavey

    Happy New Year Cle! GREAT shot buddy. SLURP!

  • Radiant

    I really don&apost want to be mean so I won&apost say it. Even though it was a classic catty gay line. I am now crying with the giggles and yes I laugh at my own jokes but only because they are so funny.

  • Michael_H

    Sexy. I&aposm loving all your pictures :)

  • rick

    One lick...if I could just have one long hard lick!!!!!

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