Guys With iPhones

Guys And Counting
January 4, 2012 - 11:00 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Chris Linhas

    Looks like the guy topping has a magic dick from the expression on the bottoms face...

  • loverboy

    the fact these pictures are all in a bed is appropriate bc they are all so BORING I need a nap!

  • B.4-ReaL

    I&aposm still not getting the whole thing about taking pics while having sex unless I was making a porno--I&aposd rather have my partner concentrate on what&aposs happening at that particular time...just saying...!!!! @andrewG&aposs smurf comment was lol funny !!!!! ; )

  • andrewG

    Such a hot fucking pic! But the top gotta let that blue hair go. It looks like a smurf jizzed in his hair.

  • Mike

    Anybody can lie on top of anybody else and then snap a picture making an "O" face to gain a captive audience....... show us insertion ... then we know it happened.

  • likebeef

    I&aposd switch places with either of you.

  • Bobby

    Love this one!

  • Eric

    I love that feeling....but.,!

  • Andrew

    @Ata- you got it, stay tuned we will start making out passionately and post soon!

  • Ata

    I think some of us are more interested in you making out passionately. :)

  • Ben

    Well, you guys look like you had fun in the motel. Not sure I would pose for the moment. But I would definitely top you.

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