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Rod Daily

January 23, 2012 - 05:05 PM
Rod Daily on Guys with iPhones
  • Cali_guy805

    Rod Daily, hot!

  • brotha

    AHHHH yeah, thats the name i was looking for..hes the one in my brothers hot friend..or sth like that. :D

  • brotha

    I could swear this guy is in porn...ive just forgotten his name now.

  • Jerry

    saddle up, cowboy...let's go for a ride!

  • Tommy


  • sjc

    pic is too small!

  • Clintonb2

    Mmmm love you and your work. Sir I would love to suck your man of steel. LOL

  • hot

  • Seth 269

    Sweet :) I have those same undies ;) When we look good..... we look good :)

  • DCBoi

    Hot HOt HOT!

  • Bobby

    Your body is too fucking beautiful for you to post such a small pic.  Redo!

  • Twinklover

    Hot Body, and I say he is still a kid at hart too!! :) He Still Likes Superman!!! Awesome.. Love the undies...

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