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January 31, 2012 - 11:00 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • JP

    Judging from his shorts, this guy looks pretty similiar to the guy at . If it is true, well he looks pretty damn hot.

  • Niceguya2

    What an awesome body!

  • Jason

    So fucking hot..

  • James Bronson


  • brotha

    This is one is sheer perfection!

  • jis89

    Holy shit. WOW

  • JP

    Great body, man. I would kill to get abs like yours. Lean with well defined muscles. Please keep posting, maybe with a head shot this time?

  • Qinn


  • RedSoloCupi

    Truly amazing.  Beautiful. Hot.  Sexy.  Exceptional.  The Perfect photo.  Heavenly.  Thank you.  What hard work and strict diets are about.  I am in love.  

  • Dusty

    mmmm.....thanks for sharing & feel free to share some more! :-)

  • Bobby

    Lovin' the nip, the abs, the cum gutters, and all the muscle.  But dude, if you're going to shoot this in a restroom with another guy standing at the urinal, couldn't you at least tilt the camera a bit and show us his dick at the same time?  Neither of your faces would be there, so it would be no harm no foul.  And we could have a double feature!  Oh, and I want to suck you off.

  • madmax

    So, who's your friend there in the background? Post the pic of what happened 5 minutes after this one.

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