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Ben Kweller

January 31, 2012 - 01:30 AM
Ben Kweller on Guys with iPhones
  • Mr.25

    This person is a celeb or something? Shaun White is that you? Your head is not red anymore??

  • art

    what celebrity "hot stunner" posted a "raging hard-on" here?

  • Jason

    It was Trace from Flipping Out, and the pic was awesome! it was similar to this one but he had his cock out with a big boner! Not sure what happened to it, perhaps his agent or lawyer had it removed :( but at least it just goes to show that the celebs like to get their rocks off on camera like the rest of us too

  • Oh yeah, they definitely do. :P

  • RedSoloCup

    Thanks for posting.  nice pic

  • To say the least, fame is not about freedom - a point deftly illustrated a few weeks back, when a young, hot stunner posted his raging hard-on photo.  Of course, within hours it was pulled down off the site, thanks to the fact that with fame, as we are all aware, come lawyers, agents, PR reps and everyone else who desperately wants their 15 - 40 per cent off one's fame.  This makes everyone famous who appears here rather restrained.  Let's face it, as an example, Mr. Izzard's stage persona affords him the liberty to go onstage in a feather boa and high heels, if he so chooses; however, never would he appear here in high heels, a feather boa and a butt plug... there are very definite rules and no such thing as personal freedom when one is famous, which makes this page rather redundant when one realises that we are here to look at and celebrate cock, while being auto-erotic; so they are famous... they also pick their noses, fart and jack off and, obviously with fair regularity, jack off while looking at this indispensable site...  So go on, sport your famous tumescent manhood in wet underwear, wear a butt plug, or piss into a mug... can't do it, none of them because that ultimately is the price of fame... they may as well all appear here in burqas... enough with the obsequiousness of the star-struck and back to looking at cock and arse...

  • Eric

    What nonsense! Eddie admitted to cross dressing long before it was accepted mainstream and before he was big in the USA, I remember it being rather sensationalized in the UK many years ago. And guess what? Now its not even considered daring! As for your analogy of using a butt plug, well there are such things as adult performances and I'm sure he would be up for that, however, not on mainstream TV - there are still laws on decency in public, but I'm sure Eddie would have no problem in giving a private performance with a butt plug up his ass ;) Your 'logic' (if it can be called that) regarding fame doesn't make any sense. Guys post on here because they CAN! Its an adult site and whether they are famous before they post (or after in some cases) then so be it, its their choice. And no one can deny the fact that publicity (good or bad) is exactly that, just publicity and used to affect or promote either themselves, a new show, movie, album or just the fact that they are liberated enough to have gay, bi and straight fans who enjoy seeing them here. I doubt whether you will ever have the balls to post your pic on here but will continue to sit behind your computer screen constantly criticizing those who do post their pics, you come across as a rather sad old troll...

  • Jason

    Well said Eric :)

  • Peanut

    what the hell. Someone pass him the roach over there in the ashtray

  • MAJ

    Um, gee Rex. Thanks for the, um, insightful commentary. Like, it was, um, yeah, I don't know? Hee. Hee.

  • Calvin Deuce

    Com'on Rex enough of the  Psycho babble just enjoy the pic without analyzing it.

  • Jason

    Ben is cute in a Sk8tr kinda way - and his music rocks, very talented guy. Thx for posting man, great seeing u here :)

  • Ben

    Rex, have you read your own comments? You're such a bitchy queen aren't you? Why don't you post your pic here for all of us to critique? Not that I think you would ever dare........

  • Ace

    That's some crazy hair!!!!

  • Well, of course, what with a few A Listers, like Carrey & Kravitz, along came the B thru F Listers... seriously though, who is this Z lister?  God only knows it was bound to happen; we simian mammalians are so good at aping the behaviour of others...  Do make it worth our while, pose in wet underwear, tumescent or not...

  • JK

    I think you will find theres more than just a couple of A-listers if you check out the GWiP-lebrity section you will see A-listers have been posting for 3 years on here,

  • Ace

    He may not be an A-lister in your eyes but Ben Kweller rocks! (and he's probably more famous than you will ever be LOL!)

  • Ace it's America - everyone is famous...  for that matter, the quitter from Wasilla is more famous than me; however, I happen to know that fame has nothing on intellect, neither reality/personal truth you can validate...

  • Craig

    Based on your logic that everyone is famous, yet you state Ben Kweller is a Z lister, where does that put you, under a rock? LOL!

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