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(from Sundance Channel "Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys.")

January 31, 2012 - 08:30 AM
Jared on Guys with iPhones
  • Blackadder213

    That s the guy from Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys - ! 

  • LOVE your chest!

  • Mocabyadam

    Love the show. Hope u kick that drunk queens ass this season.

  • Shell

    OMG Jared! You're my DREAN guy! Thanks so much for posting, love you :) xoxoxo

  • Mike

    Hottie. Love the show. What a cute smile! Thanks for posting.

  • Nic

    FUCK, you are so hot... You look great and best on that show, thankfully they have one real man on it.. That's you buddy..

  • Eagander

    I 2nd pickle's "motion", and one that isn't blurred. I want to see every single hair on your sexy chest!

  • Jason

    and not to mention, he is extremely hot, great personality too. You ever need a place to lay your head, contact me,, I'd welcome you with open arms,,, and

  • Afguyfromtn

    Oh that is Jared from GWLBWLB .. Looking good man :) great smile!

  • Jason

    This looks like that guy from "girls who like boys who like boys" on Sundance channel

  • chipand

    It is Jared from GWLBWLB!!

  • Christopher

    You really need to post more often...and post with less clothing please...

  • Yum zum you make me wanna cum!

  • pickle kisser

    Please grace us with a fully nude picture.

  • Sexymcbadass

    I'd drop to my knees in a flash for you!

  • twistedchef

    Nice all American looking guy! Woof! Another shot, without the shorts, please???

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