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January 31, 2012 - 09:05 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • Brandon Eck

    What a bunch of shallow queens you guys are.  At least try to give gay men a better image.  If you don't like this guy's picture don't look at it and please post on here so we can see how perfect all of you aren't.  Calvin is the type of bitter queen who will cry in his own vomit when he is old and can't get laid anymore.  If he isn't there already. Same goes for gunner dr phil runner and lebanon. You all are just one accident away from being just as ugly as you all are on the inside.  

  • Liza

    This is getting really creepy guys...  :-/

  • Gunner3232

    ...leave the clothes on, switch to a blackberry guys with iphones has seen enough of your bed bug eaten ass

  • Just a guy in San Diego

    ugh! what the hell is up with that wallpaper? lol

  • Femanon

    Yeeeaahhhh, leave your dignity at the door. xD

  • Tdffranco

    if you want to get rid of that body acne you need to scrub with a loofah daily. then apply baby oil so hydrate the skin.

  • someone

    say all you want.........idgaf

  • Lebanon170469

    we can see by the look of your body that you dgaf!  shame you let yourself go this bad at this age, I hate to see what you look like in 10 years time!

  • nana

    Lebanon you probably got breasts n eat chicken by the truckloads. It's a free country

  • Lebanon170469

    Dude, you're still showing that ugly fucking acne covered ass and that half retarded pose?  Give it up man!

  • Seancodypeek

    One word....proactive...and I agree with Dr Phil & Calvin.

  • Dr Phil

    You're too young to look this unhealthy. Change the food you're eating & you'll get healthier looking skin & lose some of the weight, & you'll look better & feel better too. Just saying'. With the best of intentions.

  • Calvin Deuce

    Dude im sure you have good intentions but the view of all those acne or ingrown hairs are awful. It really is a turnoff.

  • nana

    Calvin if you could be so kind n shut up.

  • Calvin Deuce

    Someone…Dude I didnt realize this was you. But really, pro active and a exercise program do wonders...

  • runner85de

    I am in line with Calvin... I think this person needs a wake up call and realize they need to get on a diet, and for goodness sake, get rid of that nasty acne shit. ew.

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