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January 31, 2012 - 03:05 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Paul Ryan Landry

    Nice butt

  • Ken

    Wow! Your physique is beautiful.

  • Tache7

    Fabulous choice of skimpy briefs, showing off ass beautifully and lovely and lean-toned but good size ass.  More, more!

  • dankogym

    congrats man!!!!

  • Peter

    love this sexy man in the greatest brief i have ever seen!!!

  • Kraja

    holy fuck !! give it to me :P

  • Axeleur

    What is the mark of this wonderful brief!???

  • Grahamburgers

    Holy hell, it's like perfection!



  • brotha

    Damn bro that ass is FIIINNNEEEEE!

  • Pyrotek03

    Very nice, love the legs.

  • Paul Sibie

    Would you just look at that!

  • Bobby

    Yep, for hours.  And I think @Samfl is right that this is Jordano Santoro.

  • nana

    He wore an itsy bitsy, teeny weeny, yellow bikini

  • Bobby

    My mouth wants you.

  • Parkrunner8

    OMG....those thighs.....

  • Dusty

    nice peek-a-boo action going on in those undies!

  • Nelson

    Hot/sexy pic hit me up pa

  • Russ

    Bodacious !

  • Bigtonred

    DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I hope your a bottom.

  • Jason


  • Turtlesock85

    Baby I love you!!!!!

  • Meattaster


  • Luis Sopa

    Very nice. I seem someone wants to get out

  • Larry

    Boy how nice would love to peel that

  • Me

    I always get excited when you post. You have a killer ass and a pair of legs that make me melt. Fucking hot!

  • Play PS

    I can't imagine a sexier view.

  • jis89

    Not bad.

  • I. Need. You. <3

  • BBBH

    perfection! complete male perfection! 

  • Samfl

    U R @ the same hotel On UR other pic too the pillows R the same color R on the Bed .

  • Timber Wolf

    Beautiful curves.  May we see the legs, too?

  • Samfl

    U can't hide from me Mr. Jordano Santoro will U stop teaseing me plz with UR Fine ass give me sum just one day that"s all I ask of U. I know ur Arms I know that Bubble ass too. 

  • AndreasOslo

    Great view
    Love the bush & tip peek
    Keep posting

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