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Marc Dylan

February 4, 2012 - 03:05 PM
Marc Dylan on Guys with iPhones
  • Gottafr

    You're exactly what i want ;-)

  • D'bian12

    Hey boy... Delicious...

  • Justteasingu

    seriously impressive! 

  • RyanJx

    I love u!!!!!

  • Wheels

    You're hot but damn you post too much. 

  • fucker

    Luv the front, super luv the back

  • Flippers

    is that all?

  • derek

    dame marc thanks they one we all have been waiting for, and boys it worth it.
    fucking hoooot sir xxxxxxxxxxx

  • .francis.

    .you look great naked, try growing your chest hair out, it would double your hotness level.

  • Tony

    definitely don't need to tell you that you are ridiculously


    Leave the body hair... you look hotter

  • Timber Wolf

    My interior wiring is tingling (actually, short-circuiting) to get ahold of your beautiful body and cock.  Truly magnificent.  Now, to have your legs wrapped around my ears.

  • opie fucker

    Marc Dylan naked, my cock is so hard with a hint of preflow. you rock baby

  • Dan

    Thanks Marc!!!  Even though I have seen you in porn, still nice to see a current shot 
    of you.  You are absolutely the hottest guy!!!  Thanks for posting.

  • KC

    You couldn't be any more perfect. Thanks for the dick. I needed that! :)

  • Shay

    Marc Dylan u are hot hot hot hot hot hot and fine one more thing marc will u marry me

  • jis89

    Finaly you post your cock over here. I like your dick.

  • gaythrust

    i just wanna run my tongue over every ab and muscle on your body and please you till you feed to as many loads as you can

  • suddenly this vegetarian is in the mood for all american beef !!!!!

  • Seancodypeek

    Marc, don't shave anywhere !  Love the fur !

  • Me

    Thanks for the full monty! You are a fucking hot guy. 

  • Paul Sibie

    Woof. Finally: the cock shot. What we've all been waiting for. Thank you!

  • primebeef

    WOW... About time handsome u show us everything.. Id love to lick u all over and enjoy everything inch of your body with my tongue..

  • Peter

    Marc Dylan! OMG! I'm gonna faint! 

  • Bobby

    You truly are just amazingly gorgeous.  Like everybody, I'd love to suck your cock, but I'd especially love to have your big beautiful balls in my mouth.  Thanks for posting this Marc.

  • Josephparker

    Oh Marc... We love you :) ... Thanks for posting! 

  • markymark

    OMG!!! Marc u r so effin the cum gutters and that oh so fuckable azz of urs

  • Thumper

    Damn ! Looking fabulous as always baby ! I will take one of these for my birthday please ! :P

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