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February 16, 2012 - 07:30 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • D'bian12

    Thx god for soldiers.. Sexy mo-fo...

  • Dudein619

    Looks like the same guy

  • Myke_hawk

    He's not Army or Marines, he's Air Force. The uniforms are totally different.


    FUCKING HOT!  Would love to be on a long deployment with you!  PRIME GRADE A American STUD!

  • GingerSnaps

    Yumm-o! A facepic from earlier...  /2012/02/14/tmd-feb14photo.JPG

  • Dontgetcrazy301

    HAHA you can really tell which of these people know their military branches and what they wear!

  • Anthony C. Bowman

    I love hot military men! are you single?

    Contact Me!


  • Lonnie

    Yeah buddy, sexy body and sexy lips...mmM!

  • ray

    i don't go around posting this about every other guy on this site, so i mean it: you are the HOTTEST guy I've seen on here in... ever. So perfect, man.

  • Jetblst

    all around great package... thanks for your service.

  • JED

    Same hot guy, different sexy pose.

  • PDX-B

    I'm saluting you right now... without using my hand

  • Jerry

    "Service" me

  • na


  • Michael71atlanta

    lets play war, you lay down, and I blow the hell outa ya!!!!! Hot face mr!

  • Ajn95

    Good to see the Air Force is representing on here :)

  • jm

    Hey, Marine. Does that Under Armour help? If not, you can take them off and I'll protect the jewels.

  • primebeef

    Thanks you sir for everything u do for us. Plus sexy body and great lips too. Love to see more anytime..

  • Andy in Dayton

    I'm asking.....
    But, I'll never tell. :)

  • ff

    So wonderful!

  • Gaydré

    Ugh. Hawtness is mesmerizing. 

  • Bobby

    Time to service me a serviceman.

  • Mntns123

    sexy Army dude

  • JCF

    Very Nice!  Hansome face and perfect body!  Love the fur!

  • bulldg

    Wow.. Perfect

  • Seancodypeek

    Hey baby, lets play army.....I want in your foxhole...

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