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February 18, 2012 - 11:05 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Lovin' it!

  • ManuelAngelo

    Clearly you are the star of GWIP!

  • Kissmegentle

    Thank you Jesus for such beautiful men like this and the gift you gave them!!

  • Taytay27

    your body is sexii as hell ,your dick is huge and you have the nicest SMILE !!!!

  • Ding

    The best thing to ever happen to guyswithphones...

  • jm

    Geez, I don't mind saying that I love it every time you post here and that I am SERIOUSLY in love with you. That smile turns me on more than anything else. So Beautiful!

  • eastlosangelesdude

    Dam, You are heaven sent. Halleluyuuur!!!

  • Wolf Boy

    One of the most beautiful guys on here.

  • BriaNL

    Hot fucker! :P

  • Nielsniels1988

    its fuckin huge   i wanna come over to you   nielsniels1988@live:disqus .nl    mail mee sexy

  • Him

    When are we going to meet so I could let you push push inside me and so I can Deep Throat you

  • Pr nyc

    And here I thought you were a regular guy....yet you're from Randy Blue. At least you look better now..then you did. On that site. Nice meat!

  • jis89

    Big cock for your size.

  • Guest

    Delicious - except the nose ring.

  • Jetblst

    there ya go... nice 

  • Jok

    I'd sure love to put a ring on that!!!

  • ed

    Great smile sexy man........

  • madmax

    I'd have that big smile too if I had that big monster man-pleaser.

  • Wayland Bryant Thomas

    Adrian may I get an autographed picture from please contact me if yes

  • primebeef

    BABY. BABY.  BABY. u know i need a tight white hole to put that thing. Im open for u anytime.

  • Bobby

    Adrian Hart - ready to feed the masses.

  • God is good!

  • AndreasOslo

    Who can turn the world on with a smile
    ......among other things
    Nice view, keep posting

  • I love you. ;)

  • Kee

    Show me heaven with that big meat.  What a man you are!

  • Mikelphx

    yummy!  I would love to suck that all night...

  • moose86

    Thank you JESUS!!! Breathtaking! Post more please!

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