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February 23, 2012 - 07:30 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • The stache!

  • Shneak in the back and rub it out!! ... Bring the guys with ya! ;)

  • Matt1986matt

    oh...myyyyyy 0.o

  • Matt_toy3

    Daddy I'm bent over with my smooth little hole waiting for u.

  • TheSagaOf

    That mustache!
    I could get lost in it.

  • Guest

    Holy fuck man! I want to be abused by that cock.

  • Kissmegentle

    OMG. Where can I find you for a test drive?????

  • chibi

    so i'm the only 1 he kinda scares then lol

  • Rudy

    you are the hotte3st fucking clone I have ever seen ... and I fucked tons of them!!!!!

  • Cris_C

    Damn daddy you're making all of us wet!

  • Mgarren01

    there is a god   dam ! and he is one hung stud!

  • mikey_uk2

    mmm daddy,seed me please!

  • James Paddick

    We messaged each other for a short time a while ago. Still think you are an amazing looking man. Greetings from the UK x

  • Nick

    As many loads as you want to feed me/seed me with, those are as many as I will gratefully take (and I'll still politely ask/beg for more)!

  • brotha

    BTW GWIP..i think we can all agree this is hall of fame material..;)

  • brotha

    Oh bend me over daddy tear my ass up,,.....*DROLLING*...damn sex god this one.


    Wow dude hot body and cock.

  • Ben


  • chanshay

    WOW... I'm breathless...

  • AndrewJustBe

    Yes, fucker! Applause, clap clap clap clap clap, and the crowd goes wild!!!!!!;-)

  • Mainstreetman

    Don't like the 'stache, but I'd still let him (beg him to?) do me. Just no kissing!

  • Singinsoccer

    How much for a moustache ride?  So fucking hot.

  • Niceguya2

    Wow, you're the hottest daddy ever!

  • Jim

    fucking hot, love to suck the cum out of ur cock and ride ur cock til u explode load after hot load inside my ass while i suck on ur hot nipples. damn big daddy u are fine as fuck

  • Bern Reppa

    Marry me??

  • jm

    Man, that's some kinda 70's porn-stache!

  • Mike

    I think the mustache takes away from an otherwise handsome face, but the rest of ya, FUCKIN AY HOT!   Bet that cock's been in a LOTTA asses!   

  • Bobby

    I'd like to examine if for tonsil prints.  And then leave a new set.

  • Wolf Boy

     --or at least it should have been.

  • Steve B.

    So great to see someone my age posting and showing what we have to offer.  Smokin' body bud.

  • Very Hot looking guy , great body and with chest hair as well 

  • eastlosangelesdude

    Wow, impressive body. Finally some dick. 

  • .francis.

    .you look smoking hot naked, thanks for keeping it natural.

  • The oil man I've been dreaming of!! Please come join us for a 3-some!!!!


    Looks rock hard

  • Drew Vergas

    I think I'm in love!

  • jis89

    Hello daddy, come and rescue me.

  • luis


  • Tavish

    holy shit! nice!

  • Bobby

    Oh, FUCK ME DADDY!!!  Damn, that's an amazing piece of man!

  • GuyinMke

    can I ride you? I just want to run my fingers all over you

  • BBBH

    damn, daddy! fuck your boy! 

  • Kyan

    omg i am so turned on. you are fuckin hot.

  • TyInTenn

    Oh damn!  Fuck me hard - roll me over - fuck me again!

  • ScottyP.

    Wow! What a body! And furry in all the right places. Love your stash and that fine cock!!

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