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Karl (from SeanCody)

February 24, 2012 - 01:05 AM
Karl (from SeanCody) on Guys with iPhones
  • Mr Amazing

    Karl!!  Hottest SC bottom in ages!  Love your low-ridin' tan lines in your videos!  Thanks, dude!...

  • TheSagaOf

    You're looking much better. That's not to say you didn't look great before, because you did. But better now than before. Return to Sean Cody! Pleeeeaaaassse!

  • Jetblst

    awesome tats

  • Anonymous Joe

    I remember you from SeanCody, you are hotter than ever as well! I'd welcome to see you back there, but I'd rather not see a fantasy man get barebacked by some other guy since (SC changed their direction). Mark my words, you and me are going to make sparks fly someday! It might be when we are both 80 and taken, but mark my words! (lol)

  • BBBH

    Oh, my gosh! You're Karl from SeanCody! I totally love your videos! Major hotness! 

  • Distinctive, to be sure!

  • KC

    I'd love to get my paws on you...

  • Matt

    PS --   you looked really good with Paul's cock buried deep in your ass!  

  • Matthiasclaimer

    Dude, those are the same shorts you wore on the beach for your SCody shoot.  Things that bad these days? 

  • jules

    get out of here...

  • Mcast123

     You act like people only wore clothes once.

  • $22020560

    If you're not already in porn you totally could be!

  • BBBH

    He is! His videos are smoking hot!

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