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February 24, 2012 - 08:35 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • ant78

    Gorgeous face, bangin' bod... so what if he's a bit modest. Just makes him all the more cute ;)

  • Nate01782


  • Gazza


  • TheSagaOf

    You look like you're a CK model with that handsome face and well-kept body. Post more, please! 

  • marc

    you are goregous man. thanks for sharing

  • Enrigayboy

    YES YES YES!!!

  • JK


  • Guest

    I want to see you bent over with your pink pucker proudly opening my for my tongue!

  • Kyleo1986

    you are so amazingly hot!

  • Paul Sibie

    Yes!! Great tease!

  • jis89

    Dude you can get a place of my big bed I love your body no matter how big it is

  • MarstRN

    I'd love to see you in a classic white Y-front Jockey brief.  I feel that they are the sexiest and hottest kind of underpants ever created.  I know that there are guys that like boxers, boxer briefs, jockstraps, etc., but for me, it has always been Jockey shorts. Furthermore, if we ever get to see your cock, thumbs up!  Thanks, Steve (

  • M54521

    You are perfection!! I love everything I see... I'm thinking you'll show us your goods one day, but its worth the wait.... you are beautiful dressed or undressed! SO F*CKING SEXY!!

  • Stokes

    100% Beautiful!!

  • Loveulongtime69

    Obviously never shows the rest as he must be lacking in that department

  • Phantom559

    CAN NOT WAIT ... for the next post ....  been in love with you for weeks now !!!  LOL 

  • Bertram

    The guy happens to be unhinged

  • Guest

    More people posting shitty comments about this stud. I'm thinking they're jealous, so I know.. why not such the hell up, and let those of us just sit back and enjoy what's being shown! I'm liking what I see, along with many other guys here!

    Keep on posting, and keep on stripping dude!

  • AndreasOslo

    Is that a peek of the tip I see?
    Great tease, keep smiling & posting

  • gaythrust

    baby you are so hot. i love looking at your pics....the way you tease in them is so hot and so mean at the same time. all i wanna do is please you and see what you are hiding from all of us

  • Wolf Boy

    Dream boy.  Show the rest--including your lower legs.  (I guess I have a leg fetish.)

  • D. A.

    Your soooo cute and a great tease too!!

  • TimUK

    I'm guessing more a case of a small cock rather than being a tease.

  • MarkZ

     Cummon then lets see your pic on here "Tim"???

  • MarstRN

    Wow, sour grapes much, queen?

  • Chrisculley

    Hurry up and show your cock dude.! :-)

  • Nothing remotely sexy about conceit...

  • LeeMona

     you're comments are getting so ugly recently :(

  • MarstRN

    Where do you get conceit from?

  • RyanJx

    As perfect as always, love your pics cutie

  • Bobby

    Oh FUCK!!  Baby boy, you really know how to shake things up here!  You're rockin' my world this morning dude!  Damn, for a chance to lick your entire bod!

  • Boof78

    Such a tease, love it, stud

  • Jo

    OMG! Beautiful :D

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