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February 29, 2012 - 05:05 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • sweetmex22guy

    Veeery nice!!! If you are ever in Mexico city let me know ;)


    Wow you have a huge cock. Please put it anywhere you want to in me.

  • Jim

    yummy cock, love to suck the cum out of it anytime

  • More than a mouth full... NICE!

  • D. A.

    If you ever need/want a devoted husband....I offer my services...such as they are to you handsome man!!!

  • Jetblst

    nice tool

  • jis89

    I'm cuming thats so hot! I love big cocks and white boys.

  • .francis.

    .you look great naked guyguy4guy, thanks for keeping some bush.

  • Ricky

    Will you sell me your used underwear?

  • guyguy4guy

    Thx for the comments. I do not post my face though. Any other requests?

  • jis89

    Post only your balls/dick. By the way you have a beautiful glans.

  • Hot bod...would love to see the other side too!

  • ePastorJames

     Haha, well if you're willing for requests, I think a pissing pic would be hot. ;) <3

  • Bobby

    Dude - a cumshot!

  • aNoN

    Yeah dude a cumshot on your hot chest would be amazing!!

  • Ricky

    Yes...I have several other requests.

  • tam26

    just keep taking care of that smokin hot body and post some more pics :)

  • tam26

    A wise woman once said *cough*GAGA*cough*: (8)I wanna take a ride on your disco stick(8)

  • JM

    Mmmm...luv the fuzzy face AND the MAJOR COCK!!  More please!!

  • michael

    Damn, that is beautiful.  Handsome face (of what is shown), slim and a gorgeous cock.

  • Brian

    Perfect everything!

  • Bobby

    another handsome thin guy with a major schlong - I never get tired of this

  • Confused


  • cbjr

    Confused? Its a big penis.

  • mikez1

    super hot.  beautiful guy with great body. Cute too!

  • PDX-B

    that's a hot pic bud... you're sexy... you should post a full nude with your face, you look like a handsome dude!

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