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March 4, 2012 - 01:05 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Sthilseven

    @Efftee – Perfect for cold nights is right. 

  • TheSagaOf

    It's just beautiful. Just hold me and never let go.

  • Neil Sawyer

    HOLY FUCKING HELL!  You are one hot mofo!  I'll be your bitch any time anywhere! 

  • damn... one day , i want to marry a guy like you! 

  • Trajan

    I want you to be my fuckbuddy, now and forever. But first I want you to give me your excellent iPhone case.

  • Bradley

    God damn hot!!! WOOF Love the furry chest!

  • WestLondonFella

    Zowie Cavey :-)

  • Jude525

    That is what man is supposed to look!

  • joeybxrs

    Hot chest homie let me take care of that tent in dem shorts

  • Tony

    OMG, this is truly what i call perfect...

  • Beautiful... just beautiful...

  • Mooninleo27

    such a masculine guy - that face and those eyes are so alluring - One of the TOP 5 of all time

  • this guy needs to b in porn

  • Derricke

    Come on over I'm on my bed naked n waiting

  • Matt1986matt

    you are, in my opinion, the best looking guy on this site.  thank you for sharing :-)

  • ff

    So wonderful!

  • Who needs sable when you are even finer?  God I've not blown a more raging load in long ages on here; thanks for that!

  • glenmc

    You would look sooooooo GOOD covered in my cum WOOF!!

  • Dael Franke

    Thoroughly stunning man, thank you for posting!

  • HairyOne25 

    Perfect! Now show us the big dick too please?

  • EmpTX

    wow blue eyes, dark brown hair... hairy, muscles.... oh so sexy thanks handsome

  • dave

    amazing sexy as hell fur....again please but in the buff so I can see all of that hot body!

  • jis89

    Hot furry! Grrrr!

  • Harry Bush

    What a fucking hairy beast... love it!

  • Biguy812

    Woot! Absolutely in LOVE with you! Don't ever let anyone convince you to shave that hair.

  • Mike

    Damn, gotta jack my dick looking at you!

  • Dtroy33

    Perfection. I use to fuck a guy that looks just like you...rub my dick and balls all over your hairy chest.

  • Thebookstud

    Love that hot furry chest of yours!!  Reminds me of Tom Sellek ;)

  • Steve

    Absolutely stunning - a man with fur who is not afraid to keep it !!  Wonderful overall guy.

  • Rick

    Holy fuck you are hot ! more ...more ...please !

  • InShockandAwe

    ... another sexy hairy hunk .... this is a good day!

  • Rich0690

    Damn your hot man!

  • sweetmex22guy

    Gotta love a chest like that!!!! Soo damn hot!!

  • broddr

    Wow! You are the embodiment of my dream guy. Well, other than that it looks like you might be a nail-biter. But I can view that as your one endearing imperfection that completes your wabi-sabi beauty.

  • eric

    easily one of the hottest guys on here!

  • MascMil

     HOT!  Love the hair man!

  • ironicdave


  • ScottyP.

    Now this is a real man! Love that fur!!

  • gwiplover3

    wow...youre jaw dropping hot, and one of the sexiest men on here...would love to see lots more from you...

  • ART1967

    Oh very very nice

  • Wolf Boy

    Great hair pattern.  Those pecs are awesome.

  • Allan

    Will you marry me please?

  • Brian

    Drop dead gorgeousness!

  • art

    pure hotness. woof!

  • Sexymcbadass

    a real alpha male right here!

  • Gavin

    You are the Perfect Man!

  • Matt

    Fucking sexy beautiful piece of maleness!!   DAMN! At the things I would do to you!  Would love to see that hairy stomach and chest coated in your cum and mine...... Would love to feel you inside me. FUCKIN HOT!

  • danny

    Oh my jesus, I think I love you.

  • Bobby

    And there you have the ultimate male body!  Meaty chest, shoulders, and arms - thick intense body hair covering the full chest and abs, and a massive bulge in the shorts that has me just begging for cum in my mouth!  The blue eyes added to all that just make me pass out, but not without swallowing first.

  • EffTee

    Perfect for cold nights.

  • InShockandAwe

    this would be perfect .. in bed between the guy above and this guy

  • Bobby

    Yeah, that guy made me cum too just like this one did.

  • KC

    Beat me with your meat stick...

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