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March 5, 2012 - 01:05 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • VeganGuy

    I want to see what lies beneath those breathtaking briefs... I'm drooling.

  • dirrtyboyy79

    le sigh


    Dude you are definitely sexy as hell. Rockin body. Love your big bulge

  • Slick

    Hot body perfection in tighty-whities....would you send them to me? :) mxslick @ hotmail

  • ⚓Anthony⚓

    Damn! You are hot! Nice body and bulge!

  • Likesoral94010

    Very Hot! Show us more!

  • Johnny

    you're stunningly perfect. love the smile and the body is perfection! glad you're back, but still waiting on the trou-drop, but this teasing is awesome too.

  • art

    I love the classic tighty whities look. Well done!

  • Gayuopxboi10

    Sexy bod and briefs. I love white briefs on hot guys, so fucking sexy.

  • Bobby

    The man who ever wins your heart (and gorgeous body) is one lucky bastard indeed!  You're just fucking gorgeous Th!

  • cbjr

    Incredibly sexy!

  • My first post - the only reason I come on here is you!!! Hot.

  • paul

    shitttttttttt. you are hot. i'm so happy to see you again. instant boner

  • btme

    Please, show us what is underneath those kleins. :) 
    Ur killing me with just using my imagination. 

  • Mtxb2010

    you big, sexy, studly tease!

  • DoodlePooks

    Time to see what comes between you and those Calvin's! ;)

  • Travis Shapiro

    shoot me an email man

  • Paul

    Hello again! Nice to see u again here. U are still as sexy as in the past ... go on posting pls. I´m in love with u!

  • Dusty

    1st the the

  • Holden76

    A guy who can pull of a pair of CK briefs in a men's room, can be invited into my bed.I would never let him go.

  • AndreasOslo

    You tent those calvins very well
    Keep posting

  • Aazhdeen

    Absolutely my favorite guy on this site.  You are just smoking hot.  

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