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Chris Crocker

March 7, 2012 - 02:30 AM
Chris Crocker on Guys with iPhones
  • Derricke

    Dude u r fukin hawt

  • John


  • Bowdog

    I love your smile. I'd love to see it while you're on your back and I'm ...

  • and who is he?

  • Slick

    Hey Chris, hot body and smile, but those undies look a bit ragged..would you send them to me? :) mxslick @ hotmail

  • $23275336


  • DoodlePooks

    Yes! So cute!

  • ⚓Anthony⚓

    Husband material! (:

  • Matt

    I'm glad you decided to leave your old persona alone.  You are hot!

  • eastlosangelesdude

    Wow, you look better as a guy, than the blonde chick. 


    UGH! is your 15 not up yet?! seriously.. go cry on youtube, no one cares anymore

  • YAY Chris Crocker!!!

  • JD

    Great smile great body

  • Gorgeous body!

  • Yeah, Chris.. THIS look works for you! Your diversity is inspiring but your natural look is def your best.

  • ej

    OMG look who it is!! I follow you on Twitter: e4j4tr :P

  • Mtxb2010

    goddamn boy... you are soooooooooo much hotter like this... please stay a boy! LOL!

  • Matt1986matt

    you have the cutest smile i've seen in a long time!  :-D  shoot me an email sometime and let's chat

  • $20720876

    Hi Chris.  Can I be yer daddy? :)  I'll take really good care of you up here in Ohio :)

  • ff

    HELLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOO!!!!!  WOW!  What I wouldn't give for a guy like you.

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