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March 7, 2012 - 01:30 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • redsolocup

    he ight be the nicest guy in the world.  looks hot to me, very hot.  thanks for posting man.  

  • Bowdog

    I knew I forgot to get something today, a bib. I drooled all over myself, dang it. Wanna get married, you sexy thang!  :-)

  • EffTee

    I think he's hot.  The guys who leave negative comments probably think they're using reverse psychology.

  • TomUK

    Genuinely bored. Same pose different pants. He's so wooden and I'm not on about his cock.

  • Jaw dropping hotness!!!

  • nice very nice

  • TyInTenn

    You "do" know how good looking you are, right?  I mean, c'mon!  You put a smile on my face and dirty thoughts in my mind!

  • Lobom

    The cutest boy on site :p now let's see your cock buddy?

  • Nic

    Sick of seeing u. U look like a cocky asshole

  • Zus

    Better to look like a cocky asshole than turn out to actually be one Nic! If he's got it, he's flaunting it! Good luck to the guy! Id love to see you pose like this! Jealous prick.

  • Nic

    Ha def not jealous, but yes I am a prick!

  • Ben

    Nice cute smile ;)

  • Slick

    Hot body and smile, sexy legs and love the Diesels....would you send them to me? :) mxslick @ hotmail

  • Mikal_Bos

    Hmmm you give lots of competition to the CK guys. ;)~

  • Wolf Boy

    Those fuzzy legs look tempting.  Keep posting.

  • so damn sexy

  • charles

    I could melt in those eyes ;-)

  • Bobby

    Hey, cutie pie's back!  Lookin' great as always!

  • Sweetlovin494

    Dude your hot, but seriously I'm sick of seeing you on hall of fame

  • Glasgow1975

     I think the fact you mentioned HoF automatically added him lol

  • Ben

    wait, is that how it works?! i hope not! lol

  • Paul Sibie

    Still lovely as ever :)

  • Likesoral94010

    Very cute! Nice body!

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