Guys With iPhones

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March 13, 2012 - 11:30 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • kp

    Everything's amazing but the first thing that jumped out at me was those deltoids! omg!

  • mark

    50 cent!?!?

  • Jerseyboy711

    Thats not 50 cent he doesn't have any tats

  • bostonseal

    are you kidding?  what... are you sculpted from black marble?!  FREAKING HOT!  The gym work has paid off dude.  now... drop those shorts.

  • Beautifully muscled body

  • Gayuopxboi10

    Let's see the chocolate penis.

  • jm

    WOW! I'm speechless!

  • Bobby

    baby, I can't take much more - I NEED to see that thing I've been day dreaming about - please, just one pick of it?

  • Jerseyboy711

    DAMN!!!!!!!!!!! your fucking hot!! Amazing body

  • Guest


  • Jerseyboy711


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