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March 16, 2012 - 12:30 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • I think I need to help you get off!

  • craySEAN

    Soooo nice !!!

  • Meattaster

    beautiful body, glorious cock

  • Jackson Knight

    Nice schlong!

  • ninfa

    Virgin of Charity!!!!!!!! I want more and more pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Antonio Gonzalez

    Every pic you post, i just start salavating.

  • will greene

    can i have some ? very very cute guy and nice dick !

  • Meattaster

    HE could totally DO me!!!!!

  • jis89

    Yo me dejaria follar de ti ;)

  • Urboitoy2010


  • Kalilojuno

    Sarah como bien decias esta iba directa al muro de la fama jajajajaja. Eres la mejor guapisimaa a ver si me hago una especial para ti.!!

  • Sarah

    Guapiiisiimo! no hay forma de poder comentarte! te decia que todo el mérito es tuyo, que estás para comerte! un besazo

  • Clintonb2

    There is a God I love that fact that you share your body with us gay guys. And you've probably heard it all but sex with you OMG just. Saying


    You are one sexy man. I love your huge cock

  • Cris_C

    grr, you're hot you know that?

  • Jetblst

    perfect 10

  • mred129

    Hi Vililo.....what a charming visage! Looks like u r letting ur trail & pubes grow back in a bit....TY & thank goodness u posted again..... that shaving-stuff is so feminine! ;)

  • Nicholas

    Would love to see you in the locker room like that
    I would reach out and start stroking
    Thanks Sarah

  • Dito ElectropOp


  • Primebeef

    Man sorry if ive said anything wrong on my comments to you. And thanks again for post photos on here.

  • Carter Steele

    Damn - nice!  Handsome guy - love the scruff!  Perfect amount of hair (though wouldn't mind shaved) ... not usually into tats, but bet there's a story there.  Then I scroll down and ... dayum!   I'm at a loss for words ... woof!  .... bet you look as impressive dressed as well ... don't need to be nude to be sexy, but glad you are :)

  • Paul

    Wow ... wanna taste that piece of meat!

  • BigDTxMan

    Love you, mmm, hate the tats, but, hey.  You are hot, guy!

  • BigDTxMan

    so hot, guy!  you have me hungry!

  • art

    I want a beautiful man of my own. you're hot.

  • silly billy

    Look so much better standing, both of you

  • Goodlegal

    Quite a tomahawk!

  • BigDTxMan

    You make dick grows dude!

  • Roger

    Beautiful, man!

  • BigDTxMan

    Hey sir.  Totally hot straight man wanting his dick sucked!  Ummm, Straight guys take notice!  Sheesh!

  • eastlosangelesdude

    Again, the most beautiful man in the world. 

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