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Drake Jaden

March 16, 2012 - 03:05 PM
Drake Jaden on Guys with iPhones
  • Red_Light

    I know you probably never hear this, but that's a FUCKING THICK DICK!!!!!!!!

  • Meattaster

    SEXY as always!!!!

  • Davide

    Awesome HOT!!!!!

  • Jetblst

    Wow now that's sweet

  • WestLondonFella

    U can Rock my Boat and Shiver me Timbers any day

  • Dael Franke

    Ah Drake, I simply LOVE your work. Seriously! It's clear from your movies that you are VERY good at what you do, and you do it without the nasty attitude that some film stars put on. Deeply, deeply sexy. Thanks!

  • Wolf Boy

    Such a handsome body!!!!

  • Gonzo

    Awesome :D

  • dukejustgotpunkedtoa#15!

    so sexy . . . just wanna rub ur bald head

  • jay

    i knew you were too cute to be just another regular business got something really special buddy....bod, cock, looks, great tats....God bless you, my friend....hit me up if you have any more you wanna share with

  • YSL

    Drake Jaden's cock looks spectacular here but it's best appreciated when you see it in motion! :)

  • jis89

    That's yummy.

  • Vintonave

    My kind of guy!!!

  • DoodlePooks

    You have GOT IT GOING ON!!! WOOOOOOW!!!

  • Sobreme

    nice picture sir....

  • Hot damn - YEAH!!

  • rjokc

    Very impressive !!!


    Damn you are sexy. Love your big cock

  • Tylerstail69

    Fuckin perfect! My dick just got so hard dude.... Please, please keep posting! Oh the things I'd let you do to me!

  • Paul

    Think my dick is as hard as yours. He is so sexy ... I got a boner at once looking at this pic.

  • Primebeef

    DAMN!!! Man you are handsome with and without anything on. Great body and sexy tattoos.

  • Bobby

    exactly what I was thinking

  • Paul

    ... yes it has the same dimension as your tie. Wow ... your really hot ... go on posting PLEASE! You make me horny ... I got a boner looking at your pic..

  • Dusty

    Damn...was thinking you'd look good with your cock hangin out of your business suit, but completely naked is even better!  thnxs 4 sharing!

  • Gayuopxboi10

    I agree.

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