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Rod Daily

And Austin Wilde

March 19, 2012 - 02:05 AM
Rod Daily  on Guys with iPhones
  • I need to join your health club!

  • Tugg

    This is a porno in the making!!! HOT!!!!

  • smuggy

    Bet u boys had a lot of fun after the pics

  • Honest


  • Derekc_914

    ok now the dicks please

  • jis89

    If I were there it's like a dream comes true.

  • Plexiwrite123

    mm fuck me

  • eastlosangelesdude

    Two beautiful men. 

  • TheSagaOf

    This is such a turn-on? They work out together? I can't contain myself right now.

  • Gayuopxboi10

    Yum and yum.

  • London

    That's a fucking (LITERALLY) dynamic duo if I ever saw one.

  • Ivan

    If these people are "celebs" why can't they afford style

  • Tugg

    you suck!!! Didn't make it did ya!

  • MagentaUser

    Money can't buy you class or style. Look at the Kartrashians

  • Gayuopxboi10

    Or many of the thugs who play football.

  • Gayuopxboi10

    You don't watch porn, I guess.

  • Gayuopxboi10

    Ivan.... shut the fuck up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nic

    I agree, Ivan shut the fuck up...don't be a bully

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