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Laron Landry

(NFL player from The New York Jets)

March 22, 2012 - 09:05 PM
Laron Landry on Guys with iPhones
  • bernard jones

    So are you going to be the new Ray Edwards...teasing us till we can't take it no more!!!

  • Guest

    Tell Tim to put some pictures on here. I know he won't show his cock, but damn is he beautiful and looks like an angel. 

  • Andy in Dayton

    I'll get down on both knees for that! :)

  • Amazing sexy body!

  • Juschilln83

    I think he's addicted...

  • Rush

    Sorry, not an amazing body, the tats totally suck.  Sexy?  Hardly.  He will jack off in private, just like you guys.  Or maybe where is his down low boy friend?

  • Rush, green is NOT your color, hon.

  • Urbanpervertnyc

    a real man. strong virile handsome...why don't you bury your dick deep inside me...more than once.

  • Shay

    I love that hot body I love the ink it's sexy Hit me up

  • Beyonce

    black boys sometimes don't have those extended dicks. 

  • Juschilln83

    Are you done Beyonce? Get off his dick! lol IT'S MY TURN.

  • Kent

    People!  He has a small dick!

  • Elijah

    black guys are supposed to have 10 inch dicks, um, dont see that here.  on the contrary!  Too much ink.

  • Roland

    dude, what have you smoked!  JeeZ!

  • Elaine

    dudes, the ink totally sucks.  a body totally messed up.  Maybe his boy friend likes.  Just think what he will look like in 30 years.  that hot bod will look like a cereal box. 

  • Mdh60610

    great rack

  • Davey Wavey

    Ok... you are rich.  you are famous.  you are paid to have that body.  but god the ink???  I'm sure the portraits on your pecs mean the world to you, but to the rest of us.... just tacky...

  • Jerseyboy711

    Drop them shorts for us!!

  • Shay

    Damn u are hot hot hot LaRon go naked please let me your cock

  • DAMN! I'm not a fan of the ink, but goodness gracious you're a sexy man.


    keep coming big daddy'!

  • Tattoos and all, you are one sexy guy!

  • Primebeef

    Amazing body handsome..


    Great bod... awesome tats!

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