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Chris Crocker

March 26, 2012 - 04:05 PM
Chris Crocker on Guys with iPhones
  • D'bian12

    U r beautiful... Beautiful cock too!!!... Great ass!!!... Keep posting...I'm a fan!!

  • What a transformation! You havea beautiful smile bro

  • KupoLuvin

    God, you're making EVERYONE jelly! Dx

  • Jason

    I am in love!

  • mred129

    Wish u would cease the oh-so-boring 'scaping... ur 2 manly 4 that!

  • Jay

    ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!!!!!!! Such a gorgeous guy....bigtime

  • Drewcifer

    Holy shit!  Is this the same Chris from "Leave Brittney alone!!!"???  What a transformation!

  • It indeed is. I think he has a video on YouTube talking of his transformation.

  • Bigdnyc1

    The one and the same. He's become a total stud. So good looking.

  • marc

    Chris Crocker can look very sexy - until he opens his mouth.  Then the fantasy kind of falls apart.

  • Shay

    Chris you are very cute and good looking and very handsome

  • Chrisjones

    Where is this vest from?

  • Why so serious? But I like it.

  • Pickle Kisser

    You are quite the stud, Chris!

  • Jackson Knight

    Really hot pics.... now strip!

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