Guys With iPhones

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March 31, 2012 - 05:35 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Diego Nery

    u r so hot

  • Skr

    Hairy is better...

  • Edgewatertop

    love the beautiful pelt... and moustache.

  • edu Guarro

    there are more from me

  • EffTee

    Mmmmmm...Winter is def over but I could still use that warm blanket at nights...

  • ulli58

    Hmm, so sexy me n :-)

  • Jetblst

    super sexy guy 

  • edu Guarro

    thanks all comments!!!
    Gracias por todos los comentarios!



  • Guy

    I'd love to do more than give you compliments also.

  • Shay

    I'll make a long list of things to do with you. If you wanna know get in touch with me.

  • Fitzlopez

    Get thee behind me, Satan!

  • Teub19cm

    this guy is spanish, don't remermber his name, but he has his own website where he posts some pictures or videos of him in sex-action bareback only and piss action - he loves that ! if someone has his name ??  thanks

  • skar

    sexy natural man!

  • loved to peel that hairy sweet banana...

  • Clearancecrack

    You sexy little fucking devil!

  • Shay

    will u marry me sexy man

  • danny

    My god. Marry me.

  • Fuck yesssss - nice and uncut!

  • Matty

    Whoa, now you are hot!

  • Bobby

    Fur, thick bush, FORESKIN - I'm definitely ready!

  • glenmc

    Seriously, I want one and that's no Joke!!

  • ScottyP.

    I love your bush!

  • Shay

    U are so damn sexy I love the fur woof wood

  • Jackson Knight

    Hot little devil!

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