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April 12, 2012 - 08:35 PM
Guys with iPhones

    That is one pretty hot cock!!!

  • Paul

    Wanna feel the pain beeing fucked by you...

  • JP

    Please consider posting again. You look great.

  • Pythonpr

    Me caso. Estoy disponible. I marry with you. I am available.

  • InShockandAwe

    .. this is how I picture Alex out of that baseball uniform  ..... stunning  ♥

  • jis89

    I've never had a chocolate and I wanna try a dick like this, I get horny...

  • $24795670

    This is what they call "Meat for the Butcher".   Being impaled upon this majesty would not doubt bring a tear or two to the eye.

  • Javin-69

    This would be nice to come home to....I REALLY like to photo.   Thanks for posting!


  • nilla4me

    french fries

  • Jerry

    Two guys are very lucky!!! and your partner.

  • chris - brooklyn

    outstanding from chin to head - prefer some bush - post again

  • Dkb

    Omg can I have a lick!!

  • Samfl

    U don't want that he will bust open ur ass u hurt for weeks.

  • Battlesightzero1

    Nice tool

  • Lenderward

    Can I be direct?   FUCK ME NOW!

  • nice ... love them black, masc, smooth, shaved, trimmed ... perfection!  woof! ... oh the BBC is nice too :)

  • Jetblst


  • Play


  • texasjeepdude

    WOW! Your boyfriend or partner is blessed!

  • Bloody hell - WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Enrigayboy

    God bless you!

  • bernard jones

    Oh My.....

  • InShockandAwe

    Oh my aching hole would be more like it

  • Davey Wavey


  • Primebeff

    WOW.. Hands down the best photo of the day, DAMN!!! I want to see more of u big time stud..

  •  TOTALLY agree!

  • Guest


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