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April 14, 2012 - 03:30 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • JP

    Your hair stylist is really cute. No wonder you get your hair done there. You look great too. Keep posting.

  • AB_Galliano

    Love It

  • baby cakes

    In my head you are a total bottom, show the ass just for me

  • Jpporras

    WOOOOOOOW thats really hot, the barber and the shaved guy!

  • Eagander

    You GOTTA get some nude shots of you and your boy together!

  • Allan

    I'd totally cheat on my hair stylist with you!

  • ben

    Wish my barber looked like that.

  • AB_Galliano


  • agent.mat

    Woof to both!!!!

  • jim

    This is such a great photo.  Thanks for sharing it.

  • AB_Galliano

    Totally agree...!

  • Paul

    The hair-dressers is really amazing. Next time he should do ... my hair.

  • t4k

    Looks like me and my guy....

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