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May 6, 2012 - 12:00 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • D Junk

    So delicious!!! You are perfect!

  • Parrin McCoy

    Love to know you!

  • Argenys Fabian Moquete

    u live in florida right??

  • FelixJohn

    OMG! You are the total package. Sexy as hell bro! Damn I'd love to be on my knee's in front of you right now.

  • Shay

    That's fucking hot

  • Patwf

    It looks like you just gave yourself a protein mask, witch is dripping on your chest, ist it...really???

  • keith2010Nashville

    This will get you all the sexual attention you want! 

  • Jetblst


  • Brett

    Dude, lets see some cum! 


    This guy is amazingly hot, why is he not in HALL OF FAME?

  • AND a Dr. Who fan?  What more could you ask for???


    Nice body and a fuckin hot cock.

  • Aneri001

    Thanks guys! =)

  • Tony

    Oh no, THANK YOU!!! (smile) Post again soon? Oddly enough, I'd LOVE to see you in a pair of well fitting jeans, a wife beater-T and a pair of sandals. Maybe walking on a beach somewhere? Trust me, it looks like a PERFECT post card in my head...  ;)

  • Jackson Knight

    hot man, hot body, really hot curve in your cock. very nice!

  • I can't say enough about this one - but needless to say the physical effects it has on me: increased blood flow, increased heart rate, raging boner, a HUGE desire to stare at this beautiful, amazing, perfect man!

  • mred129

    Jeepers...u r absolutely gorgeous! TY 4 sharin' w/ us!

  • Myhoney

    Great to see you back again...extremely hot!

  • jis89

    Oh my GOSH! Sell me some candy which I can put on your hot body/dick ♥ to lick you all over baby!

  • hfo_steve

    WOW!!!!  I thought your post of you in the suit was hot.  DAMN you are one sexy fucker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mingopea

    Can't keep calm looking at that beautiful hard-on.

  • Cris_C

    you do know that with that hot bod and sweet cock of yours, it's impossible for any one of us to keep calm, right? makes me wanna tackle you right there and then and feel you up.

  • Stuniks306

    Trying to keep calm but u r making it HARD!

  • Mitchyul

    sexy and beautiful, thanks for sharing

  • Tony

    Still the most perfect male physique I have ever seen...posted or otherwise. I remember you from last fall. I can only assume that you model for a living. Your chiseled good looks and amazing frame could sell just about anything...even stale fortune cookies!! How amazing you must look in skimpy French cut swimwear(?) Dude you are SERIOUSLY one incredibly beautiful man ~

  • Paul

    Qmg ... that´s really amazing. It is rally difficult to keep calm looking at that hot body.

  • Matt

    You were cute in Godiva.   Now you are fucking hot!

  • D'bian12

    OMG!!! Beautifully deliciously amazing baby.. Plz keep posting you have a fan... Yummy!!!

  • Gladiator.  True sexual warrior.  Demolition man.  Shaman.  I am utterly besotted!

  • Andy in Dayton

    That's an impressive box of chocolates does a body good! :)

  • Chandler_R

    Your fucking hot! And I love your phone case haha

  • Andrew Davenport

    wow....just wow! wow!

  • $25755079

    Looking good stud

  • MAJ

    I want to keep calm and carry on but your body and all is making it very difficult!

  • Jay

    It would have been wet n wild if I was there.  Hot pic! 

  • oh boy

    you are super hot in both photos, wow i will have sweet dreams tonite thank you.

  • A.

    Holy Shit.. Your'e beautiful

  • Jerry

    I never get tired of a hot, hard cock!......and a hot guy, also!!!

  • Mike


  • Guest

    OH FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! Fuck me with that beast of yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bjfhtown

    so fucking HOT!!!!!

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