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May 6, 2012 - 08:35 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • undercoverman

    Hey man, you are the bomb! Meaning, you all that & then some!

  • AZ Jay

    Man, that is one very tempting and inviting pose! I just wanna crawl up between those muscular tights. Mmm, mmm!

  • Wehoboy

    You are so sexy.... I would love to cuddle up next you to.

  • SAD95

    You have posted on here a few times and every time you are amazingly hot!! 

  • Now this is a REAL man!

  • InShockandAwe

    ....I'll be thinking of you when I play the ... Bodyguard soundtrack  ... be my bodyguard?

  • Gareth

    hmmmmm............looks like ABIGUN there! hint hint! lmao

  • EffTee

    Love at first sight...of bulge!

  • InShockandAwe

    ... you look marvelous ... matter of fact you are a fucking gorgeous hunk ♥ ♥♥

  • G9

    Yes, I do like you... but something tells me that you're used to that... ;-)

  • Rell

    Please keep posting, u r just toooo sexy!

  • Mike

    Would love to feels the pressure of those thighs on the sides of my face while I sucked the cum out of your balls and through your cock!   You are a STUD.  But you know that already. ;) 

  • Frreerangelife


  • Steva30

    So  Handsome!!

  • MarcoLA

    Welcome back

  • Jay

    Wow.  I want to sit on your lap.  I think that would make us both happy.

  • AB_Galliano


  • Tmc

    Aren't some thick men crazy gorgeous? Would LUV to see that 'thick stick' hanging out the side of the prison stripes. I say we start up a write-in campaign to set Willy free!!!

  • Damn - you'd be great to work out next to in the gym and then to have fun in the showers afterward!

  • Busuman

    That pic is oozing sexiness .. !! And don't take off your clothes for these peeps ..

  • div

    gotta be a cuddler. gotta be!

  • Melocoton

    he's the man of my dreams definitely! 

  • Guest

    Oh fuck yeah!!!!!!!!

  • lemonline2

    It doesn't get any hotter than this -- unless you're naked!

  • drool

  • Guest

  • Atalarick

    Ah! You're back!

  • Jackson Knight

    sexy fucker. nice bulge and love the devilish grin

  • cbjr

    Hell yeah man, smokin hot!

  • Jackson23

    sweet lord.  all mine.


    So handsome! Please post more with less on.

  • A.

    Yes please...

  • Meshfruit1


  • Step1525

    very, very handsome

  • Jake2043

    More please!

  • texasjeepdude

    Mmm mmm mmm! I love a man with a solid build. 

  • JamieBaby

    Mmmmm you're pretty hot!!! Would love to be power topped by u!

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