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Bryan Cole

May 9, 2012 - 03:30 AM
Bryan Cole on Guys with iPhones
  • ed

    He took it like a

  • atlmodelguy

    I certainly wouldn't look that bored if that stud was pounding me!

  • Tmc

    Hate to say it, but 'your catcher' doesn't seem to be very impressed with your mad-man-sex skills. Did he fall asleep or is he just balancing his checkbook waiting for you to take a few more pictures?

  • Leo622

    Love you! I'd bottom for you anytime.
    Thanks for posting.
    Hope to see more of you soon!!!

  • Guest

    That is so hot!!! I wish I was the bottom.... top guy is gorgeous.

  • Artisgo30

    in or out! this picture is hot! look at his body rubbing agains that guys butt!!
    I would give anything to be the bttm guy ! man you are hot man. 

  • Samfl

    It's not in the top guy Dick is Large it wud be making Him hurt unless he used to have Big dick in His Ass.

  • Mike

    Penetration or it didn't happen.  We need to see cock inserted in anus.  THEN we'll know the truth.  

  • I think the bottom guy is trying not to slide of the bed. The top may have just cum or paused for a breath.

  • D. A.

    Damn hot. that bottom boy needs to be fucked harder and show that it's in there...he looks like , "O.K. whatever."....make him yell!!!

  • Primebeef

    Fuck me please??

  • Mynimoe

    i wouldnt say the bottom is bored, just concentrating. Sometimes if you're takin a big dick it takes some concentration :)

  • this is exactly the case ;)

  • brotha

    Speaking from experience there pal?... ;) x

  • Mike

     I don't think there's concentration cause I don't think he's in him.  Just posed is all.  He IS bored.

  • anon

    I dont think you are doing it right. He looks bored.

  • JP

    Wow, so you listen to music first before you bang a guy. Guess you must be listening to some hardcore music to get in the mood. Keep posting, hottie.

  • Chris

    Awesome pic!

  • Jetblst

    the bottom looks bored 

  • Enrigayboy

    Hell yes

  • gmoney2899

    wish that was me on the bottom there! 

  • ed

    the bttm looks bored.... Believe me, with someone like you pounding me.... I wouldn't be bored!

  • Mtxb2010

    that bottom doesn't look to happy! LOL!

  • Chrisr559

    Your bottom looks bored. :/

  • scott

    The bottom guy doesn't look that caught up in the moment.Maybe thinking about getting tats for the other arm?

  • If you need two more, let us know 

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