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May 16, 2012 - 01:35 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • JP

    You are hot and you know it. Keep posting.

  • jis89

    Be my sweetie tonight ♥

  • AB_Galliano

    Hi...! :)

  • Fuzzy

    Yeah.  I had to come back and look again.

  • Jasonwpb

    The answer is Yes!

  • OMG gorgeous - and the smooth body is fantastic!  keep shaving ...

  • Jetblst

    wow thats nice

  • Oh yesssssssssssss


    Damn you are hot dude. Love you killer body and big beautiful cock

  • t4k

    Wow... we don't see pics like this very often. Very hot!

  • JonathanHamelin

    OMFG!!! what a hunk! what a fucking cock! can you fuck me please?

  • Gareth

    This guy off Randy Blue anyone????

  • Marcus

    Looks like a shaved Sean Zevran to me.

  • Mikel

    The jersey shore FAKE tan is really ruining it for me..... sorry.  

  • Guest

     Huh? He's clearly ethic, probably bi/multi-racial!  Look at his hair texture. 

  • Guest

    It just kept getting better as I scrolled down the picture ......

  • Justice Hunter

    Priceless, Very well done.

  • Frigi

    Oh Yeah Fuck me.....

  • London

    The perfect reason why clothing should be optional in our society.  DAMN!!!  I can't think straight jbeowb...peibhfvwey...anymore.

  • NICK

    Perfect body, perfect cock, bedroom eyes.  I will take care of all your needs. Email me

  • Kev


  • Cris_C

    words cannot describe how perfect you are.

  • Jay

    OMG!!! Just fantastic...everything here is perfect!!

  • This guy is made of muscle (and hung). Awesome :).

  • Horny

    Just fuck me...

  • Caleb

     perfectly said!

  • Arnoldy

    God!!!! Help meeeee

  • Thumper07

    Wow beautiful gorgeous guy ! But I think you should be hairy . :P~ LicK ~ x0x

  • Jameshargreaves2004

    WOW...that's all i can say!!!

  • Bihotmix

    Ooo Laaaa Laaaa.!!!... someboby shut the front door already so I can be on my back spreading my legs...woof!!

  • Hey There


  • tonknee

    OMG!!!!!  I am mouth is watering and my dick is what u goin to do bout it

  • Nicky T

    everything about this picture is beautiful *

  • Jake Windsor

    And we have the winner!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MB

    You just gave me an instant hard on. Fuck you are hot and I love your dick

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