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  • Billy

    I used to think CC was incredible. He's a sexy man, no doubt about it. But I've grown tired of his lame gay 4 pay approach to porn. I'm tired of him making money off the backs of gay men while refusing to do more than letting a guy polish his knob. Top for us. Bottom for us. Do something. Otherwise, please move along.

  • Jamesbleek

    what a tool

  • eastlosangelesdude

    I love love love love Cody. One sexy guy and beautiful feet. I love you cody.

  • Anthony C. Bowman

    Would love to chat with cody cummings.

  • Winkelstop

    Want to see Marc Dylan pound cody cummings ass

  • He hardly cums.

  • Guest

    There is nothing hotter than a straight guy and these stupid bitches need to shut up!!!!!!!! Cody Cummings is so fucking hot!!!! 

  • Buck W.

    Straight?? HAHAHAHAHAHA! laffin my ass off. Yeah, he's straight while in absolute denial of his homosexuality. Needs to get down off that fake pedestal and pay homage to his truth.

  • Shay

    damn u are fine and fucking hot hot hot hot

  • Shay

    that is one hot fine hot hot hot hot body I'll do gay for pay

  • Yngcaboy

    Stop setting the gays back by denying you like cock

  • Cris_C

    i don't like his personality but you gotta agree that bod is smokin!

  • Seriously?  Please do not tell me that this end photo is going to go on being the end photo for the rest of the month or worse yet rest of the year...  With the ubiquity of free sex on the net why would anyone throw away good money on third-tiered, std-riddled, cheesy manwhores with no end of conceit?  Besides, for any obsessive size queen there is always something bigger and better out there...

  • Dhr2944

    LOVE LOVE LOVE CC!  He can be straight, gay or whatever as long as he's smiling and looking at the camera! 

  • JP

    He is hot. But sadly, I don't watch his porn. Why pay to watch a "straight for pay" when there are more cute gay guys who are not faking it when it comes to performing?

  • MB

    Gay 4 pay, no thanks

  • Jmontoya5124

    I love a good picture of Cody Cummings in the morning

  • Cooper

    I  ♥ U!

  • Jay

    You're one of my Top 10 hottest guys.  Thanks for sharing Cody.

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